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Can I earn money by joining all the ptc sites listed here?

You can earn real cash when you become a member of these ptc sites and click their ads every day. This is not get rich bullshit or similar nonsense. You have to register on these sites, click as many ads per day as you can, manage and build your downline well and you'll be making a decent amount of money.

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 What are PTC sites?

PTC means Paid To Click sites. These sites provide an easiest way to those persons who wants to earn money online without investment. There is no need of high skills, just you should known how to browse the net. Almost all PTC sites are free. Basically these sites works as a mediator between the advertisers and viewers, as you are viewing their advertisement they will give you a share in their profit which will varies form site to site. When you are working with PTC sites it is compulsory for you to create an account with online payment processor like Paypal and Payza, because when you reach the minimum payout amount then PTC sites will transfer your money to Paypal or Payza account and from these payment processor you can transfer money to your account. Both of these payment processor are free to join and secure.  

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